A little About Me / 一点点关于我

What I do:

Management consultant, entrepreneur,street photographer, learner, human being.....

About my photography

Photography, for me, not just a hobby, and more than just passion. It’s a way of life, and photography teaches us how to see the world differently. I always have a camera with me in my bag everyday, and I try to take photos everyday.

Every time I pick up my camera and get lost in streets, I enjoy the time I spent with myself, the camera let me slow down and let me think carefully about every frame, before I press the shutter.

My main interest & focus is Street Photography. I believe that every moment happened, it will never happen again.

For my gears, I have tried so many different systems, so many different cameras. But for now, I only use Leica rangefinders or my smartphone.

"Photography is a tool helping me to discover the world and myself. "


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